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Friends Said "You Should Sell These"... And it all Began!

In the last few years I have learned different handcrafts. They have helped me slow down and relax after an intense day of endless meetings sitting in front of a screen. First came felt, then the sewing machine, afterwards came crochet and finally embroidery!


Once the house was full, it was time to start making presents for friends and family, and to give my clothes a personal touch. 


And the general comment always was You should sell these!


So after a lot of thought driven by the need to redirect my working life, here I am!


As someone once said, fight for your dreams or someone else will hire you to fight for theirs”, so thanks for your support to make this dream come true!



Why SCS?

From the start I wanted to build this project on 3 core values very close to my heart:


I believe we are all responsible for looking after our environment, and when I became aware of facts and figures like these:…/new-shocking-facts-about-the-impact-of-fast-fashion-on-our-climate

I decided not to buy new clothes whenever possible, recycling and upcycling second hand clothes.

When looking for suppliers, I make sure all packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable, and I have chosen environmentally friendly printing services. 

I am also following the Green Growth Pledge guidance, joining the efforts of many organisations who are helping Wales transition to a low carbon future.


One of the best parts of handicrafts is that they allow me to work with different textures and to play with different colours, especially on grey rainy days! I also like my clothes to have a personal touch, away from the dictates of fashion, with designs and motives that I love and that are important to me. Yes, there is a link between fashion and personality – I was a psychologist in a previous life!. If you want to know more:


Back to facts and figures! According to The Guardian, 98% of UK households – mine included – have used a charity’s service. And despite this, most of them have lost income in the last 2 years. A way to contribute is to buy donated items in their shops, and that is where I find most garments I upcycle, as my humble way to support their amazing work. There are countless reasons to support charities!

The Inspiration: 3 Remarkable women and an amazing man


Two of Debbie’s birthday presents in the last years have had a lot to do with this project becoming a reality. First, a voucher for a “Learn to use a sewing machine” class, and a couple of years later my first crochet kit. She saw a potential I was not aware of, and my way of thanking her is to make sure she is the first one to wear any new creation. But above all, Debbie is a very dear friend, one of those human beings that make this world a better place! 


Cati was the person who first taught me how to hand stitch, a warm summer afternoon sitting in her terrace. For over 20 years, she has taught traditional Majorcan embroidery, keeping alive a tradition very close to her roots and to her heart.


She cannot teach anymore, and although I know I will never be able to achieve her level of excellence, I wanted to incorporate Majorcan embroidery to my designs, as a humble tribute to her.


Another remarkable woman with the generosity and patience to share her knowledge and skills with me, teaching me the basic embroidery stitches sitting in her conservatory with a nice cup of coffee.


Edwina represents the true values of the Welsh countryside, and I am proud to learn from her every day, and to call her my Welsh mum!


But none of this would be possible if I hadn’t been blessed with the best life partner by my side. Without his support, encouragement, infinite patience, and unconditional love, I could not have dreamt of starting this adventure. And he is my number one men clothing model!

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