Creative solutions to develop your individual or team strengths and to grow personally and professionally maximising your capabilities and potential

We will work together to adapt to your needs, preferences and pace.

We will identify your objectives and design a plan to achieve those objectives, combining training, coaching and mentoring strategies or creating new approaches.

I started my career in Learning & Development in 2004, when I decided to combine my teaching experience with my background in Psychology.

Soon I realised two important elements that have defined my professional practice: one size does not fit all, and if what you need does not exist, you can always create it.

In these 16 years I have designed, developed and implemented training solutions for professionals of different industries (financial services, fashion and retail, engineering, law, health and social care, security and armed forces, automotive and aeronautics, hospitality, training…) for the private and third sector, first in Spain and since 2014 in the UK.

I have coached, mentored and trained professionals at all levels, both individuals and teams, developing creative bespoke solutions based on mutual trust and respect, collaboration and a firm belief in the potential of my clients. 

I have seen them change, grow and improve and have felt the privilege of walking part of their journey with them.

The first step may not take you to where you want to be, but it takes you one step closer!

Let’s start your development journey with an informal conversation…

Work-life balance is very important to make sure I can give my best to my clients

I always have a landscape photography project on the go, currently I am taking the same photo once a month at 12 selected spots throughout North Somerset and South Wales.

Not long ago I tried stitching and sewing and now I have a sewing machine and I am not afraid to use it! I like the idea of making presents instead of buying them, and thanks to youtube, pinterest and my own ideas, the production does not stop!

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